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Property Development

Within the overall provision of building plans our business partners are offered complete services as for property development.

Our clients are provided with all tasks connected to:

  • selecting a locality appropriate for development
  • provision and arrangement of land purchase for an investment plan
  • provision of engineering services
  • demolition arrangement and land preparation for further development
  • arranging turnkey constructions
  • temporary financing of development projects
  • arrangement of project financing and the property lease afterwards
  • legal services related to the investment plan
  • financial settlement arising from the investment

Commercial development

It represents the main scheme of activities offered by our company ever since its founding in 1997.

It is the most frequent type of a project carried out by our company considering the progress on the construction market during the recent years. It includes construction of retail chain stores, whole shopping centres or locality preparation for such purposes (real estate and engineering procedures). These projects are nowadays passed into the ownership of the investor or as a property for lease.

Housing development

It is offered as an additional activity next to the main property development services. In past we completed construction of two apartment houses in Zdar nad Sazavou and Brno. Based on this experience we are planning other projects of a similar character around the Czech Republic.